Empowering underrepresented groups with our technology

Sport & Fitness
April 25, 2023
2 min read

In our last two articles we’ve talked about the democratisation of access to sports and how TeamSportz was founded to make sports more accessible to everyone, everywhere. In this article, we’ll go into more detail on how we’ve been constantly working on our technology to ensure it aligns with our mission and truly serves underrepresented groups.

While in recent years, the use of technology in sports has quickly developed from just tracking athletes’ movements to proviiding real-time performance analysis. Many of the existing solutions however require expensive hardware (such as wearables) or software that cannot run on mobile devices. This is where TeamSportz aims to make a real difference, especially for underrepresented groups that cannot afford the expensive equipment and need a solution that is flexible enough to be used under multiple circumstances, such as kids keeping active or people in wheelchairs.

With the aim of democratising access to sports, we have developed a solution that can run on a mobile phone with no need for any extra hardware. Our solution can track all human movement, including the number of repetitions, form, speed, accuracy, balance, and other metrics using our proprietary algorithm to interpret movement. We made additional efforts to make sure it works on iPhone and Android and doesn’t drain the battery or use all of the processing capacity on your device.

But how does our solution actually work? Our expert team members, with over 40 years of experience, spent a lot of time researching how to track set human movements, such as a squat. A big part of the challenge was ensuring that allowed tracking unlimited movements across a range of exercises in various ways . For example, if someone is moving their arms they could be doing a push-up or they could be doing a physiotherapy recovering exercise. The team ended up writing our own algorithm that tracks the angles of the human body (the person doing the exercise) against pre specified values (the frame you can see in green over the person) to track the movement that is being performed. You can see it in action here

We have also made sure to protect the users’ data along the way. Most movement tracking solutions require a recording of a video of the activity being performed to be uploaded, to then be analysed. TeamSportz’s solution, on the other hand, provides real-time feedback and analysis of movements, enabling athletes to improve their form and fitness, with no concerns for their privacy.

The only person that can have access to the athlete’s performance is their coach. With grassroots teams in mind, we developed a player dashboard that shows the progress of the athlete, making it easy for coaches to use the data collected to provide tailored support to improve the athlete's performance.

TeamSportz aims to democratise access to sports performance data by developing software that can run on mobile devices with no extra equipment. This technology is unique in that it provides live feedback to the user without the need for pre-recorded videos, making it private. This technology has the potential to revolutionise the sports industry, making performance analysis and improvement accessible to everyone.

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