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Improve team performance, increase athlete accountability, simplify club management and elevate your coaches.

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For Coaches

Schedule games and track attendance

Our easy to use calendar enables you to schedule training sessions and games, invite players and update attendance lists. Automated reminders mean that you don’t have to chase players.

Improve team performance

Record your game using your phone and upload directly into TeamSportz. Tag events and share with the team, providing evidence based feedback on their successes and areas for improvement. 

Communicate effectively

Our fully secure, GDP compliant chat function provides immediate communication with players, as well as parents and guardians, staff and other coaches.

Unlock the potential of every player

Improve athlete accountability. Send players feedback from games and training sessions. Help them learn and improve their performance with the click of a button.


For Athletes

Auto tracks your workouts

Use our interactive drills to improve your performance using only your phone. Check out your performance across speed, intensity, duration, accuracy, number of reps, reaction time, and body form.

Review your performance

Study plays in your own time, increase your game IQ and cohesion with your team. Understand what works and which areas need improvement.

Communicate direct

Message your coach and teammates within the app. Get real-time feedback from your coach and challenge other players on your team to any exercise or drill.

Carry your coach in your pocket

Request feedback from your coach and ask that they set you specific drills and exercises to improve your performance.

Unlock your potential

Unlocking the potential of every athlete

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Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates

"Created by a player who loves the game, but hates the hassle."

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"Created by a player who loves the game, but hates the hassle."

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