TeamSportz parent / guardian approval for a young person under 13 years

Dear Parent or Legal Guardian:

In accordance with the current EU GDPR legislation, and also the UK Data Protection Act 2018, approval and consent, by a recognised parent or guardian, must be given for the collection of processing of data of users under 13 years of age to TeamSportz. See the UK Information Commissioner’s Office webpage on data protection for children for a summary on this legal requirement.

This legislation requires organisations that provide website applications and services to implement certain protections prior to granting children access to the website services. The use of the TeamSportz website, application and services require the collection, use and disclosure of personally identifiable information, so we have implemented a policy that requires verifiable parental consent before users under the age of 13 can register on the site.

We are required to obtain explicit approval from you, as their recognised parent or guardian.

Please review our full privacy policy, including for children under the age of 13, and also our website terms and conditions. You can then decide if you wish to give your informed approval and consent to your child’s access and use of the TeamSportz website, application and services.

If you decide to agree, you can provide your consent by:

Teamsportz will retain a copy of your consent form for purposes of recording your consent and, if necessary, may contact you in the future relating your child’s use of the website.

Parent or guardian approval form: for a young person under 13 years

Yes, I give permission for TeamSportz to create a user account for my child and for TeamSportz to collect, use and disclose the information about my child as explained in TeamSportz’s privacy policy.