A new way to play | Practice drills, train and exercise using only your phone

A new way to play

Practice drills, train and exercise using only your phone

Practice drills and exercise

Measure your performance and improve your game

  • Number of reps
  • Number of sets
  • Activity Duration
  • Reaction time
  • Ball control
  • Body form
TeamSportz app design

Using AI to improve your performance

  • Track every movement 
  • Improve your form
  • Measure your activity level
  • Challenge your teammates 
  • Leaderboard insights
TeamSportz app design push-ups

Coaches, clubs and academies

Continue training your teams remotely

  • Manage your teams
  • Organise the roaster
  • Update calendar
  • Keep the communication in one place
  • Organise game attendance

Set goals for specific for players

  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Set team goals
  • Set player individual goals
  • Track progress
  • Track level of activity
Improve performance using metrics

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Reach your full potential

Informed by the performance and accuracy data provided by Teamsportz, coaches can set individual goals and exercises targeting weaknesses for individual players at the click of a button.

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