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The most affordable sports platform

Sports technology has only been accessible for highly funded professional teams. We’re changing that. Sign your team up for free to start, then decide which flexible membership works best for you. Everything is included and we promise no hidden costs.

Game analysis for every sport

Forget the hassle of buying and installing fancy cameras to record and analyse your games. Use any camera to record the game, then upload and share the footage with your players, anywhere, anytime. Choose what you want to analyse and annotate the video clips to show your players how they performed during the game. 

Player training performance data at your fingertips

Stay on top of your team’s training habits at all times. Our AI-powered exercises on the app capture player stats for you to see instantly. Use performance data to have more meaningful conversations with players to improve performance.

See player stats. Receive feedback from coach in app.

Super easy self onboarding

We take the pressure off of requesting demos. Our platform is intuitive enough for you to easily onboard yourself and your team in no time.

An organised team schedule

Coordinating practices and games through WhatsApp or email is very disorganised and unreliable. Schedule all of your team events on the platform and stay up to date with your players’ availability and attendance record in a single place.

See player stats. Receive feedback from coach in app.


Start saving time and money on player and team development.

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