We've gathered a few of your most asked questions to help you in your TeamSportz journey.

How can coaches BENEFIT FROM TeamSportz?

We created TeamSportz for coaches to stay connected with their players all the time and improve team development. Coaches can set goals for their players to practise exercises and drills outside of scheduled practices and games. Coaches have full transparency of stats of their players, and can see how often they’ve trained, and other metrics such as speed, duration, activity level, form, etc.

Coaches can also use our Events calendar, where they can schedule one-off or recurring practice sessions or games. Players will be notified on the app of these events and will let the coach know if they’re attending or not. Coaches can even create a starting line up for an upcoming game and those players will be notified.

After a game, coaches can upload their video recording to the platform to conduct in-game analysis, so they can better understand where their players went wrong or did well, and provide players with feedback accordingly.

TeamSportz as a whole should help make coaches’ lives easier, keeping them organised, saving them time, helping them develop their players, and connecting them to their team at all times (and at an unbeatable price).

What sports teams can sign up for TeamSportz?

Any! We built TeamSportz for any and every team. We have a library of conditioning exercises which are beneficial to any athlete. If you have drills specific to your sport you’d like us to add to the app, just get in touch and we can discuss creating and configuring that for you.

Is there room to cut down the price on TeamSportz?

TeamSportz was built to be accessible to everyone, especially when it comes to price. That’s why we’re taking professional AI tracking tools and making them available and affordable to amateur sports clubs (it’s less than a cup of coffee!). However, we do offer 1 month trials, so you get the chance to try out the platform with your players before committing. We also have a referral programme, so if you know of another coach that would be interested in TeamSportz and they sign up, both you and that team will get a month free.

Is TeamSportz safe for kids?

Yes. We protect your data and never sell it to third party companies. Although the app will request to access your camera, we never actually record or store the videos. It’s only the data from the exercises that are shared with your coach and team.

How does AI technology actually work?

TeamSportz uses a field of AI called computer vision which enables systems to gather meaningful data and insight, in this case for improving player performance. Our custom AI will detect the players body to ensure that each exercise is done in correct form and will provide other stats including number of sessions, number of reps, accuracy, speed, reaction time and duration.

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